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Dear Rasika Thanks for the great care you provide the IMU H and its ALC patient population. I particularly like the idea of financial subsidies to accelerate placement of patients in appropriate retirement homes and other LTC facilities. In the end, it is cheaper to subsidize the person, allowing them to move in a timely manner, then to have them stay in an expensive acute care bed. There are many examples I have heard of where a small subsidy might help. For example, sometimes patients accept the PTC site but are only offered a private room (which sounds great but is more expensive)....we may well need to subsidize these individuals. In my view such subsidies should come form CCAC NOT the acute care hospitals. You are also right-acute care hospitals are not a good place to spend the last months/years of one's life. The high cost does not translate into a pleasurable living environment....another metric by which the money is being poorly spent.

Stephen Archer
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