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Paul Armstrong

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:20


Your thought leadership here is most welcome

Speaking from the generational vantage point +1 ahead of you let me agree that

1] we need to shorten the time to enter medicine. Queen's had a 2 year premed program that worked well for many of older docs

2] providing some form of rotating clinical experience that precedes the need to choose a career path resonates well

3] reducing the expenditures & enhancing the logistics  for resident positions [ which should in number align with the #s Canadian medical graduates] in this new information/digital age where we can remote  patents makes good sense

Finally, i would say we should look carefully as to whether the right candidates are being admitted to medicine and teach them early on to tune out to the avalanche of information and focus on what has had and will continue to define medicine as a profession.



Paul Armstrong
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