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Sophia Linton

Tue, 09/24/2019 - 16:14

Thank you, Dr. Gerszten, for a fantastic post-rounds discussion. Thank you, Austin, for a well-written summary of the presentation and our talk.

Metabolomics studies have produced significant breakthroughs in biomarker discovery and the identification of novel metabolites. However, many factors have hindered translation of the research outcomes into clinical tests and user-friendly interfaces.
One limitation of metabolomics discussed in our talk was the lack of information in the databases. In an untargeted analysis, for example, only 10-20 percent of the readout is identifiable through databases and other searches. More research is needed to identify the additional 80-90 percent not to mention their potential as biomarkers for disease.

One could argue, the current field of metabolomics affords an excellent example of the reality of translational research - it's a long journey from lab to clinic.

Sophia Linton

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