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Jay Kataria

Sat, 09/28/2019 - 17:32

The discussion with Dr. Gerszten after Medical Grand Rounds last week was a fantastic experience. Dr. Gerszten discussed how a few protein markers have been approved for the diagnosis or screening of cardiovascular diseases. He mentioned how metabolomics and proteomics in personalized medicine have the potential to provide screening biomarkers and to elucidate biological pathways underlying disease states. This presentation was particularly interesting as he mentioned controversies and obstacles surrounding emerging techniques in this field - high variability amongst global populations and individuals with CVD fall into into different conventional high-risk groups.
The idea that proteomics may generate multiple novel biomarkers along new pathways to help improve diagnosis is very exciting.

In addition, it was great to emerge in a thoughtful discussion with Dr. Gerszten and Austin. In particular, discussing how prescribing patients to engage in cardiorespiratory fitness gave me a new perspective on how clinicians may treat patients. Finally, it was great to end with what his thoughts are on the US healthcare system and the obstacles surrounding it.

Thank you Dr. Gerszten for discussing your research with us. Thank you Austin for facilitating this discussion.

Jay Kataria

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