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Hi Joe! You raise a great point about the value of having a variety of lived experiences. I firmly believe that the more varied the experiences you have, the more well-rounded of an individual you become and that will translate into your career as a clinician-scientist. I think we've seen this play out with most, if not all, of our Grand Rounds speakers. With Dr. Simon, as she described, her experience and expertise in the area of stroke translated into her palliative care career. With Dr. Dunne, her experiences in internal medicine inspired her to become a more well-rounded clinician and pursue palliative care training. Dr. Mark Swain, if you recall from weeks past, used his wet lab expertise to inspire a way to eliminate wait times in GI clinics. The more varied the experience, the more perspectives you can gain, and I think Dr. Simon and Dr. Dunne exemplify this greatly.
Thank you for the great summary Edwin and the great point Joe.

Quentin Tsang

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