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Great work summarizing our discussion with Dr. James, Katie! Although we're in unique circumstances right now, I think you facilitated our discussion very smoothly!
You bring up a great point, Maddie, about stigma that was talked about during Dr. James' presentation and our discussion afterwards. I was thinking about how stigma plays such a huge role in seeking medical care and talking about our healthcare concerns. This brings me back to our discussions with Dr. Santiago Perez about seeking treatment for HIV when he said, "Sometimes diseases don't kill, it's the stigma that kills." This concept extends to menstrual bleeding, as Katie said that there are countless women who never see a physician about their heavy menstrual bleeding. I think this also extends to another area that is highly stigmatized, sexual transmitted diseases. While a public health concern, many individuals choose not to get tested regularly for the fear of testing positive and the stigma that may surround them. I believe, as future clinician-scientists, we hold a great deal of responsibility to educate the public, break down stigma surrounding all diseases, and allowing as many people as possible to access the care that they need.

Quentin Tsang

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