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Pierce Colpman

Wed, 11/17/2021 - 13:08

Hi Kyla thank you so much for an insightful post about Dr. Conen’s medical grand round. I was away for the discussion due to family matters as you know, and the way which you summarized this talk made me feel as if I had attended and got to learn something despite my absence.

All the clinical trials which you detailed were extremely well laid out and it seems that research regarding atrial fibrillation is in full swing both in Kingston and abroad. My question comes from the last section of your summary in which you mention the differences between Canadian and Swedish Healthcare systems. What did Dr. Conen have to say about the differences between Canada and Sweden when it comes to healthcare? Are there advantages to each, or did he think that one is superior to the other? People often colloquially praise Nordic countries for their upstanding social services and quality of life, and so it would be interesting to me to know if Dr. Conen thinks that the Swedish system is superior to the Canadian one. Secondly what is your opinion on this matter? Do you agree with Dr. Conen or do you think his opinion has bias? Again thank you for a very thoughtful summary of this medical grand round. I appreciate it a ton as it caught me up to speed on what was missed.
Pierce C.

Pierce Colpman

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