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Hi Geogria,

Thank you so much for your comments and kind words. To answer your question, (1) Do I think patients should receive long-term cardiac follow-up? Personally, I do think it is important for patients to receive long-term cardiac care. How that would look may not be the same for every patient. For example, follow-up care can be through a family physician with communication to the cardiac team if needed. I think following up for mental health would also be important. If there is a clear poor outcome associated with a procedure, I think it is important to follow up in appropriate intervals. To answer your second question do I see that causing undue stress on the patients and unnecessary strain on the healthcare system? No, I don’t foresee this being issue. The reason I think this is because those patients who do not wish to be followed, simply won’t. So, the number of people who feel more comfortable being followed may be less than expected. And, as I had mentioned, this can be done through a family physician follow-up.

I hope I answered your questions appropriately.

Thank you so much.

Kyla Tozer

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