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Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion


The purpose of these guidelines is to assist those involved in the promotion, reappointment and tenure process at all levels in the Department of Medicine including Department members; Division Chairs; Department Reappointment, Promotions & Tenure Committee members; and administrative staff. The guidelines outline the promotion, reappointment and tenure process including timelines, routing, levels of responsibility, framework, criteria, metrics and documentation.

Guidelines for Academic Promotion, Reappointment and Tenure

Sample CV's have been provided below (with permission) for those who have successfully been promoted.  Please click on the links to view.


Promotion to Associate Professor


Promotion to Professor


Promotion to Professor

Please find the checklist and necessary forms to include when submitting your application for promtion. The checklist is a super important document.  If you haven't checked off every box, then the file is considered incomplete and it shouldn’t be submitted.


Department of Medicine Promotions Application Checklist

List of Potential Referees

Research Awards Data Summary Report

Summary of Referred Publications