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Divisional Administration

                 Administrative Contacts                                                                           Educational Contacts

Division Division Chair Divisional Administrative Assistant Training Program Director Training Program Assistant
Allergy and Immunology Dr. Anne Ellis Ms. Danielle Simpson
(613) 549-6666 ext.2336 
        N/A           N/A
Cardiology Dr. Damian Redfearn Ms. Rachel Asselstine
(613) 549-6666 ext.8087

Dr. Samir Hazra
Program Director

Dr. Paul Malik
Associate PD

Ms. Harneet Kaur
(613) 548-2460
Dermatology Dr. Sonja Molin

Ms. Anna Deriusheva (613) 544-3400 ext.3669

       N/A       N/A
Endocrinology and Metabolism Dr. Robyn Houlden

Ms. Maegan MacLean-Benson
(613) 549-6666 ext.4920

Dr. Josh Lakoff

Ms. Hayley Stitt
(613) 544-3400

Gastroenterology Dr. Lawrence
Ms. Rachel Lacelle
(613) 544-3400 ext.1040
Dr. Mark Ropeleski Ms. Rachel Lacelle
(613) 544-3400 ext.1040

Core Internal Medicine



Dr. Stephen Gauthier 
(Core Internal Medicine) 

Dr. Sara Awad
Associate PD (Core Internal Medicine)

Dr. Bikram Sidhu
Associate PD (Core Internal Medicine)

Ms. Hayley Stitt
(613) 533-2623 

Ms. Emily Barnes
(613) 533-6000 ext.74966

General Internal Medicine Dr. Christopher A. Smith Ms. Carolyn Saulnier
(613) 533-6000 ext.78832
Dr. Steven Montague
(General Internal Medicine)
 Ms. Carolyn Saulnier 
(613) 533-6000 ext.78832
Geriatric Medicine  Dr. John A.H. Puxty Ms. Andrea Semple
(613) 544-4900 ext.53331
         N/A            N/A
Hematology Dr. Annette Hay Ms. Michelle Sviajina
(613) 533-2946
Dr. Bethany Monteith* Ms. Michelle Sviajina
(613) 533-2946
Infectious Diseases Dr. Gerald Evans Ms. Dori Silver
(613) 533-6619
         N/A            N/A
Nephrology Dr. David Holland Ms. Jesicca Newton
(613) 549-6666 ext.7306
Dr. Hasitha Welihinda

Ms. Jesicca Newton (613) 549-6666 ext.7306

Neurology Dr. Michel Melanson* Ms. Maegan MacLean-Benson
(613) 549-6666 ext.2474
Dr. Lysa Boissè Lomax Ms. Michelle Wolfreys
(613) 549-6666 ext.4320
Palliative Medicine Dr. Leonie Herx Ms. Jessica Serson
(613) 548-2485
Dr. Craig Goldie Ms. Ruili Fang
(613) 549-6666 ext.3223
Respirology and Sleep Medicine Dr. Sue Moffatt* Ms. McKayla Vandusen
(613) 549-6666 ext.2300
Dr. Christina Liak Ms. Hayley Stitt
(613) 549-6666 ext.2300
Rheumatology Dr. Mala Joneja Ms. Holly Shea
(613) 533-2971
Dr. Marie Clements-Baker Ms. Holly Shea
(613) 533-2971

*Acting Chair/Program Director