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Queen's Cardio Pulmonary Unit (QCPU)

QCPU harnesses the talents of established basic scientists, clinical trialists, and scholars who run core laboratories that support relevant human translational research. QCPU incorporates clinical research and physicians’ practice patterns (in collaboration with PVRI). QCPU focuses the talents of its researchers on the biology and translational therapeutics, further catalyzing existing collaborations.

Position Name
Principal Investigator Dr. Stephen Archer
Researcher Dr. Michael A. Adams
Researcher Dr. Adrian Baranchuk
Researcher Dr. Christine D'Arsigny
Researcher Dr. Alastair Ferguson
Researcher Dr. John Fisher
Researcher Dr. Benedict Glover
Researcher Dr. Paula James
Researcher Dr. Amer Johri
Researcher Dr. Diane Lougheed
Researcher Dr. Evangelos Michelakis
Researcher Dr. Donald Maurice
Researcher Dr. Alberto Neder
Researcher Dr. Denis O'Donnell
Researcher Dr. Mark Ormiston
Researcher Dr. John Ryan
Researcher Dr. Sean Taylor
Researcher Dr. Thenappan Thenappan
Researcher Dr. Shetuan Zhang 
Research Associate Dr. Charlie Hindmarch
Research Associate Dr. Patricia Lima
Research Associate Dr. Elahe Alizadeh
Operations & Facility Manager Brooke Ring-Snetsinger