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Dr. Archer's COVID-19 Update July 29th-on hiatus

Dear Colleagues

There is still so much to write about when it comes to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. While COVID-19 is controlled locally it is in resurgence in the USA and UK and much of Africa is unvaccinated. A persistent 20% of people somehow remain unwilling to take a life-saving/pandemic ending vaccine. With the spread of variants and the the stubborn rates of vaccine hesitancy we will likely see a 4th wave in parts of the world. The next wave will likely directly effect the unvaccinated most; however, their intransigence puts all of us at risk as they are a population in which the virus can persist and further mutate. 

Nonetheless I am optimistic that school will resume in the fall and Universities will resume classes. So, with guarded optimism I am putting my COVID-19 note on hold until September (I suspect you have better things to read).

Stay well my friends, colleagues, neighbors, trainees and co-workers.


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