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World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day - November 14th

The Division of Endocrinology invites you to celebrate World Diabetes Day on November 14th. The day is celebrated annually on the birthday of Dr. Frederick Banting. It is a time to remember the importance of the discovery of insulin, Dr. Banting’s legacy, the history of diabetes, and raise awareness about diabetes and its complications. The theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day is “Access to Diabetes Care”. Millions of people with diabetes around the world do not have access to diabetes care. However, it is essential that people with diabetes receive ongoing care and support to manage their condition and avoid complications. The Division of Endocrinology and other groups like Diabetes Canada continue to advocate that medicine, technologies and support be made more available to people living with diabetes. Governments need to increase investment in diabetes care and prevention.

Locally, the division is thrilled with the recent addition of another endocrinologist to their group, Dr. Paul Beamish, who will help provide diabetes and endocrine care to the population of Southeastern Ontario.