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Dr. Charlie Hindmarch

Dr. Charlie Hindmarch turns the page for discovery science in his new 5 à 7 Research Talk.

“Reading the Book of Life: Turning the Page for Discovery Science”

This talk was sponsored by: The Davies Charitable Foundation

Dr. Charlie Hindmarch

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Scientific Operations Director, Translational Institute of Medicine

Genomics Core Director, Queen's Cardiopulmonary Unit

Dr. Hindmarch is Queen’s Health Sciences’ resident genetics genie. His riveting Research Talk explores the past, present, and future of discovery science. What has the deciphering of the human genome – our genetic code – brought to researchers?

Dr. Hindmarch specializes in the neurological basis of cardiovascular diseases, blood volume control, and hydromineral homeostasis. While a gifted scientist, he is also an enchanting storyteller.

The Book of Life is opened wide in his riveting Research Talk. Time travel with Dr. Hindmarch as he journeys from a little-known 19th-century monk – who just happens to be the “father of genetics” – to how our understanding of genetics has assisted in the fight against COVID-19 and on to the future of genetics. Discover how this exciting field helps us to understand the human body and diseases and how we can leverage the two to find treatments and cures that we never thought were possible.