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Internal Grant Review

The goal of this program is to increase the success of grant applications submitted by members of the department of medicine. Ultimately, this process will save applicants time and increase their satisfaction and rewards in research.

Participation in the program is not mandatory for the Department Head to sign off applications but members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this program. In addition, members who decide not to engage in the program and are unsuccessful in obtaining grant funding will not be eligible for bridge funding from the Faculty and/or Department and this decision could ultimately negatively impact on their time allocation for research.

The grant review panel should consist of 2 or 3 members with external peer reviewed grants, past and/or ongoing program, and grant panel experience. Members wishing to take advantage of the program should contact Salwa Nihal at  or 1-613-549-6666 ext. 6552. The review process for external grants would be a two-step process for junior investigators and a one-step (or two if desired) process for senior investigators.

External grants 2-step reviews (minimum 8-week process before deadline)

1st Step

Week 8+:  Applicants contact Salwa to set committee

Weeks 8-6:  Applicants prepare

  • 1 page summary of rationale/hypothesis/aims
  • brief 5-slide presentation (<10 min)
  1. Background
  2. Hypothesis/aim
  3. Experimental design - schematic diagram
  4. Flaws/weaknesses from previous reviewers
  5. Summary
  • list of publications
  • if a re-application, a draft of response to previous critique

Weeks 6-5: Applicants meet with committee to review basic plans and get feedback.

Week 4: Applicants submit notice of intent to apply to granting agency if indicated (e.g. CIHR).

2nd Step

Weeks 6-3: Applicants write a draft of the application and preliminary data roughed out. Submit to committee.
** applicants can also send out for external review with financial support from Faculty. Please contact Gladys Smith in the Health Sciences Research office for details ( / 613-533-6627).

Weeks 4-3: Committee members provide feedback within 1 week, ideally through a face-to-face meeting or if need be, electronically; if a re-application, draft of response to previous critiques is also required.

Weeks 3-deadline: Refine application. Ask for additional feedback if major revisions required.