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The Clinical Research Centre assists staff of KGH and the affiliated hospitals with the design and conduct of clinical research, data analysis and dissemination. The initial planning and consultation is free.

Research and Finance Coordinator, Department of Medicine
Whitney Montgomery
(613) 533-6000 ext. 77518

Manager, Office of Health Science Research
Veronica Harris-McAllister
(613) 549-6666 ext. 3653

Research Facilitator (Methodologist), Clinical Research Centre
Wilma Hopman
(613) 549-6666 ext. 4941

Senior Biostatistician, Clinical Research Centre
Andrew Day
(613) 546-6666 ext. 4998

Susan Brogly
(613) 549-6666 ext. 8227

(min. 5 business days before funding agency deadline)

Log into TRAQ to create a DSS
Attach/upload your funding proposal to the DSS
Apply for Human Ethics and/or Animal Ethics Certifications (if applicable)
(If the funding application is sucessful)
 Attach/upload a copy of your Notice of Award to the DSS
Apply for Biohazard Permits (if applicable)
URS forwards information to Research Accounting
Research Accounting creates a new project number
Expenses can be charged to your new project