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from left to right Corinne Babiolakis, Dr. Samuel Silver, Paul Dowker and Mohammad Shahriar Zaman, Queen's -Kidney Research Unit

This Month's TIME Showcase- Queen's-Kidney Research Unit Patient Story

TIME & the Department of Medicine would like to highlight and thank Mr. Paul Dowker for his exceptional contributions to kidney research at Queen’s and Kingston Health Sciences Centre. Mr. Dowker enrolled in three randomized controlled trials last year with our Queen’s-Kidney Research Unit!

1. DISCO-RLS: DIalysis Symptom COntrol-Restless Legs Syndrome Trial
    Click here for details.

2. SAFE-D: Strategies for the Management of Atrial Fibrillation in patiEnts Receiving Dialysis
    Click here for details. 

3. PHOSPHATE: Pragmatic Randomised Trial of High Or Standard PHosphAte Targets in End-stage Kidney Disease
    Click here for details. 

When asked why he participates in clinical research and why others should as well, Mr. Dowker stated the following:

“I think other people can benefit from my input, and we all need to do our part to make things better and maybe safer for other people. I am happy to do my part.” – November 30, 2021

With the contributions of Mr. Dowker and several other remarkable patients in our dialysis patient populations, our Research Unit was recently recognized as a leading recruiting site for both the SAFE-D and PHOSPHATE trials.

Thank you, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, for all your great work in SAFED! – SAFE-D Trial Newsletter December 2021

“Activated on September 10th, 2021, Queen’s University is our featured site this edition. This site has recruited an incredible 37 participants! They also recruited 16 participants in two days, an outstanding achievement. Congratulations to the entire Queen’s University team on this accomplishment! – PHOSPHATE Trial Newsletter November 2021

As a growing Research Unit, we look forward to many more exciting opportunities to engage with patients like Mr. Dowker to improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes of patients with kidney injury and disease.