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Cardiovascular Imaging Network at Queen's-CINQ Lab research team

This Months' TIME Showcase-Recent Publication by Dr. Amer Johri & CINQ Lab Research Team

Training of Non-expert Users Using Remotely Delivered, Point-of-Care Tele-Ultrasound: A Proof-of-Concept Study in 2 Canadian Communities


Nicholas Grubic, Daniel J. Belliveau, Julia E. Herr, Salwa Nihal, Sherwin Wong, Jeffrey Lam, Stephen Gauthier, Steven J. Montague, Joshua Durbin, Sharon Mulvagh, Amer Johri 

Journal: Ultrasound Quarterly, Published-September 2022.

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Dr. Amer Johri and his team received a CIHR Priority Announcement Grant valued at $150,000 for one year for this project entitled “Accelerated RemoteConsultation Tele-POCUS In Cardiopulmonary Assessment (ARCTICA).”

Click here for more details on the CINQ lab website and the ARCTICA project.