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text on blank background: In solidarity with the Muslim community

In solidarity with the Muslim community

After the tragic and fatal terrorist attack against a Muslim family in London on June 7th 2021 we, the faculty of the Department of Medicine at Queen’s University, are stating clearly and publicly that we stand with our Muslim patients, staff and faculty in support of their rights to safety and freedom from discrimination. We are committed to fighting racism against Muslims and all other groups. We are committed to ensuring all people regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender are welcome and safe in our offices, hospital and clinics. We commit to conduct the affairs of our Department in accordance with these principles.

In the wake of Sunday’s tragedy, the National Council of Canadian Muslims has launched a petition calling for a ‘National Action Summit on Islamophobia’ with over 30,000 signatures so far. If you are interested in signing this petition, please click on the following link.