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Dr. David Reed et al

TIME Hall of Fame features publication by Dr. David Reed & Colleagues

Histamine production by the gut microbiota induces visceral hyperalgesia through histamine 4 receptor signalling in mice


Giada De Palma, Chiko Shimbori, David E. Reed, Yang Yu, Virginia Rabbia, Jun Lu, Nestor Jimenez-Vargas, Jessica Sessenwein, Cintya Lopez Lopez, Marc Pigru, Josue Jaramillo-Polanco, Yong Zhang, Lauren Baerg, Ahmad Manzar, Julien Pujo, Xiaopeng Bai, Maria Ines Pinto-Sanchez, Alberto Caminero, Karen Madsen, Michael G. Surette, Michael Beyak, Alan E. Lomax, Elena F. Verdu, Stephen M. Collins, Stephen J. Vanner, Premysl Bercik

Journal: Science Translational Medicine, Volume 14, Issue 655. July 2022

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