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Come back When You’ve Learned About Life… The A.A. (Tony) Travill Debate

Freshly returned to Queen’s I find myself in Richardson Amphitheater for the 14th annual A.A. (Tony) Travill Debate,   Be it resolved that...compensation for Canadian physicians is too high.  Several thoughts cross my mind.

Glimpse of a Vision

The plans for the Department of Medicine will be forged in a series of retreats, in which the Faculty will play an active role. In the mean time, here are some of my thoughts about future directions for your consideration.  I look forward to your postings. Suggestions and advice are welcome on the Blog. My plans for the Department of Medicine are ambitious but will be done in consultation with the faculty.

There and Back Again: A Meds '81 Grad Returns to Queen's

Introduction of the Archer-Doliszny Family: I am a native of Canada and a proud graduate of Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario (Meds ‘81). I am a Maritimer through and through, as I was born in Nova Scotia, raised in PEI, and graduated from high school in New Brunswick. My hobbies include playing classical guitar and old-timers hockey as well as consuming large amounts of coffee. I am married to Kathie Doliszny, who started her training as an epidemiologist at Queen’s, and together we have three children, Elizabeth, Ben, and Anya.

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