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The Division provides a full spectrum of consultative services in Endocrinology & Metabolism for patients in Southeastern Ontario. Patients are seen only with a physician referral.

The Division provides outpatient services in general endocrinology at the Brock 1 Clinic at Hotel Dieu Hospital.  

There is an outpatient Diabetes Education and Management Centre situated at the Hotel Dieu Hospital. This centre provides a variety of services for patients with type 1 and  type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, including dietary education, insulin initiation, management of diabetes and its incorporation into one's lifestyle.

Endocrine inpatients are integrated with the Internal Medical Units at the Kingston General Hospital. 

A consultation service for inpatients is provided by the Division in the Queen's University Teaching Hospitals.

Referring physicians to complete the following tests prior to the referral.  Please send along a copy of the results along with the referral:

Diabetes:  recent A1C

Dyslipidemia: recent lipid profile

Thyroid Nodules: recent TSH, thyroid ultrasound report


Urgent Endocrine Referral:

Please specify:

 Newly diagnosed adult with Type 1 diabetes mellitus for insulin start, not requiring admission for diabetic ketoacidosis.


 New onset hyperthyroidism with symptoms.  Also arrange for thyroid scan and 24 hour radioactive iodine uptake if not pregnant.


 Acutely decompensated Type 2 diabetes mellitus with evidence of symptoms and/or metabolic decompensation, i.e. weight loss requiring insulin start


 Other: please describe and justify


Physician Office Address Tele # Fax # Referral Form
Dr. R. Houlden

KGH, Watkins 3, Room 4-3-225

76 Stuart St, Kingston, ON. K7L 2V7 

613-548-1379 613-548-6105 None
Dr. S. Awad

 HDH, Centenary 3, Room C3-004

166 Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L 5G2


ext. 3458

 613-548-6105 None
Dr. K. Kovacs  HDH, Centenary 3, Room C3-005

166 Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L 5G2


ext. 2320

613-548-6105 None
Dr. J. Lakoff  HDH, Sydenham 3, Room 013-2

166 Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L 5G2


ext. 3212

613-548-6105 None