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Geriatric Medicine

The primary target of our clinical services are frail seniors with complex multiple health problems who have unique needs and present specific challenges for accurate diagnosis, assessment and treatment.

  • Ambulatory services include: 
    Clinics: Geriatric Medicine Clinics are available at Providence Care Hospital,  Kingston and Belleville General Hospital; Specialized Geriatrics Clinics are also provided  (Incontinence, Memory and Falls) at Providence Care Hospital, Kingston
    Geriatric Day Hospital at  Providence Care Hospital, Kingston
  • Inpatient services include:
    Acute Care Consults: Inpatient consultation, assessment, care planning and recommendations at Kingston General Hospital,  Hotel Dieu Hospital and Lennox and Addington Hospital .
    Inpatient Unit: For assessment, short-term rehabilitation and treatment at Providence Care Hospital.

Division of Geriatric Medicine:

Providence Care Hospital

752 King Street West

Kingston, Ontario K7L 4X3 
Telephone 613-544-4900


Central Intake (ALL referrals):       Fax: 613-548-5595

*Please send past medical history, medication list and recent labs for ALL referrals.


All referrals are reviewed and triaged to clinics by:
Linda Galarneau, RN GNC(C), NCA Coordinator, Geriatric Medicine / Seniors Day Rehabilitation 613-544-4900 x 53181 Fax 613-544-3024



Seniors Day Rehabilitation  (Dr.’s Erica Weir & Michelle Gibson)– (SDR referral form)
Referral Criteria: Frail older adults over the age of 65 with complex health issues, decline in coping and/or managing day to day activities, mobility challenges, recent falls or fear of falling, medication concerns, multiple hospital admissions or Emergency Department (ED) visits, swallowing and/or nutritional status. Appropriate candidates are those with the potential to adequately improve functional loss in avoidance of repeat ED visits, inpatient admission or admission to long-term care. Patients may come from hospital or the community directly but no longer require nursing care, are able to be managed at home and live close enough to participate in ambulatory services. Patients requiring greater than mild to moderate assistance with toileting or transfers, exhibiting wandering, exit seeking or aggressive behaviours are not appropriate for this service.

Types of Service: Offers inter-professional assessment and intervention for community dwelling seniors who have experienced a recent functional loss or decline in coping and/or managing day to day activities. Evidence based care includes the provision of time-limited, inter-professional therapeutic services two times per week for cognitive needs, continence, self-care, mobility, nutrition and swallowing, chronic disease management, driving concerns and secondary prevention (Physician supported stream). There are two streams – the physician supported stream and the non-physician supported stream. Non-physician supported services include PT, PT, SW and SLP.


Clinics: (GMC referral form)

General Geriatric Medicine (all physicians) 

Referral Criteria: High risk, frail elderly patients with multiple co-morbidities as well as memory and/or cognition issues.

Types of Service: Provides inter-professional assessment, diagnosis and stabilization to frail elderly patients and family.

Continence Clinic (Dr. Chris Frank)

Referral Criteria: Patients over 75 years of age with urinary incontinence issues.

Types of Service: Provides inter-professional assessment, diagnosis and treatment for elderly patients with urinary incontinence issues.

Memory Clinic (Dr. John Puxty)
Referral Criteria: Individuals over 55 years of age with new onset memory and/or cognition issues not related to ABI or Psychiatric diagnoses.

Type of Service: Provides inter-professional assessment, diagnosis and recommendations for patients with memory and/or cognitive disorders.

*For Memory Disorders advance tests would be appreciated of recent CBC, U&E, B12 and TSH, and head CT or MRI


Inpatient Services
Inpatient requests from the community.  Community dwelling seniors referred for a possible inpatient admission will be assessed in a Geriatric Medicine Clinic first to determine rehabilitation goals.


Staff with appropriate contact number and assistant:


Dr. Chris Frank:                 613-544-4900, x 53429  (Kelley Feeney, Assistant)

Dr. Michelle Gibson:          613-544-4900, x 53256   (Nicole White, Assistant)

Dr. Sudeep Gill:                 613-544-4900, x 53429   (Kelley Feeney, Assistant)

Dr. Taleen Haddad.           613-544-4900, x 53256   (Nicole White, Assistant)

Dr. Leah Nemiroff:             613-544-4900, x 53429   (Kelley Feeney, Assistant)

Dr. John Puxty:                  613-544-4900, x 53429  (Kelley Feeney, Assistant)

Dr. Kate Trebuss:              613-544-4900, x 53256  (Nicole White Assistant)

Dr. Erica Weir:                   613-544-4900, x 53256  (Nicole White, Assistant)