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Continuous glucose monitoring - the third revolution in diabetes care

Every disease has a point where its lethality is materially diminished, when (at least through the historical lens) one can say it was tamed or vanquished.

The myth of jumping the healthcare queue in Canada: why unapologetic advocacy is required to ensure timely care

“It is estimated that, across the 10 provinces, the total number of procedures for which people are waiting in 2017 is 1,040,791. This means that, assuming that each person waits for only one procedure, 2.9% of Canadians are waiting for treatment in 2017.”

Bacchus Barua

Women in Medicine: Where are we 150 years after Dr. Emily Howard Stowe, Canada’s First Female Physician?

In 2016 I commissioned the creation of a Women in Medicine (WIM) Program in the Department of Medicine at Queen’s University. I was inspired to do so by a variety of factors including a diversity and equity course I had taken, some personal reflection on the subject of feminism, conversation with female colleagues, and my observations that the state of WIM would best be evaluated and advanced by women themselves.

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