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Why are there drug shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic? Ask a pharmacist

 A guest blog co-written by Megan Riordon and Vero Briggs with a little input from me

Should Canada's universities reopen in the fall?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a curse that also presents opportunities. The opportunity I’m discussing, how to reopen our Universities for on-campus classes, is a big one, one which affects over 2 million young Canadians who attend universities and colleges in Canada.

COVID-19: We’re not all in the same boat

A guest blog by Dr. Jennifer Flemming and a short introduction by me.

Fake News and Cognogens: the other lethal pathogen

One of the main reasons I write this daily note is to communicate sound medical information that is based on robust scientific and epidemiologic data. In an information vacuum, bad information and outright lies flourish (see Churchill quote below).

Will Canada choose to go to the Moon?

We are all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; however, we have not and should not let the virus define us. Decision making during pandemics often calls to mind how great decisions have been made historically. If you think we have problems, consider the first week or two of Winston Churchill’s term as Prime Minister of Great Britain. He was put in place as prime minister just as Belgium, Holland and France fell to Nazi Germany and as Britain’s entire army, over 300,000 troops, was trapped in Europe.

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