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The Division of Nephrology is based at Kingston General Hospital (KGH), southeastern Ontario’s leading center for complex-acute and specialty care and home to the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario.  KGH serves almost 500,000 people through its Kingston facility and 24 regional affiliate and satellite sites. KGH was ranked in 2011 as one of Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals by Research Info source.

There is an extremely broad patient base at KGH, and the volume of clinical material enables residents to learn all aspects of adult nephrology.  Facilities and teaching are excellent, especially in dialysis.

Residents are able to participate in a variety of community and rural experiences.  CKD clinics occur in smaller communities like Belleville and Picton, and all residents are given the opportunity to travel to Moose Factory to deliver nephrology care for aboriginal populations in the James Bay region.   Nephrology residents have also had the opportunity to undertake international electives in locations as such as Tanzania and Australia.

For any physician wishing to refer a patient to Nephrology you must first complete a referral form.  This form can be either our Referral Form or your own standard referral form.

Completed referral forms along with the required tests outlined below must be faxed to our central intake fax number 613-536-5369.

Once the completed referrals are received they are then triaged accordingly.  The referring physician will then receive a fax notifying them as to which Nephrologist the referral has been assigned.  If any further communication is needed this can be done directly with that Nephrologist. 

Please complete the following tests prior to the referral:






Serum and Urine Protein Electrophoreisis

Urinalysis (Dipstick and Microscopy)

Urine Albumin Creatinine Ratio (Urine ACR)


For any questions regarding the referral process, please contact the Divisional secretary at 613-549-6666 Ext 7306.


Physician Additional Specialties Pre Tests Required  Tele # Fax #
Dr. J. Garland Glomerulonephritis see above 613-548-1360 613-548-2524
Dr. R. Holden None see above 613-533-3134 613-533-3292
Dr. D. Holland None see above 613-533-6983 613-533-3393
Dr. E. Iliescu  None see above 613-548-1360 613-548-2524
Dr. K. Shamseddin Kidney Stones

see above


ext. 7306

Dr. S. Silver Post Admission AKI

see above


ext. 8192

Dr. B. Thomson

Home Hemodialysis 

Home Peritoneal Dialysis

see above


ext. 7306

Dr. C. White None

see above


Dr. K. Yeates None

see above


Dr. H. Welihinda None

see above


ext. 8192



Nephrology is a specialty of medicine that concerns itself with the kidneys.  A physician who has undertaken additional training and become certified in nephrology is called a nephrologist.