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Frequently Asked Questions

Admission & Application

How do I submit an application for the programs?

Applications for admission must be completed and submitted on the School of Graduate Studies website ( There is a non-refundable application fee of $105, payable to the School of Graduate Studies.

What are the requirements for the admission? 

In order to be considered for admission, applicants for the MSc in Translational Medicine program need to hold an undergraduate honours degree with a minimum of a B+ average in the last two years of their program, and applicants for the PhD program need to hold a master’s degree with a minimum of an A- average.

You are required to complete the online application via the School of Graduate Studies website, which includes demographic information, a Statement of Interest, transcripts, and two references. You are also required to submit an electronic resumé/curriculum vitae to      

Do you have a preference for undergraduate majors?

No.  We do not have a preference or requirement for undergraduate majors as we believe translational medicine is in nature interdisciplinary.  We encourage you to consider your background when considering potential supervisors and projects. 

Can I transfer my graduate course credits from other programs?

No.  The 3 core courses (TMED 800, 801, 802) are required for all students enrolled in our programs. For PhD students who hold a master’s degree in an area related to their current research, the elective course requirement could be waived. The decision will be made on a case-by-case basis, and approval needs to be sought through the Graduate Program Committee. 

Do I need to contact a Faculty before I apply?

It is not required to contact a Faculty member BEFORE you apply. We recommend that you do so as soon as possible so that you could learn more about the alignment of Faculty member’s expertise and your research interests. You can use the “Contact Faculty Member/Researcher” function via our website.  Please note that you must be accepted by a specific supervisor in order to be in the program; the responsibility to find a supervisor lies with the student.

My transcripts do not use Letter Grade. How do I know if I fulfill the admission requirements?

At Queen’s, a B+ is equivalent to a percentage conversion of 77-79.9% and a Grade Point Average of 3.3 (out of 4.3), and an A- is equivalent to a percentage conversion of 80-84.9% and a Grade Point Average of 3.7 (out of 4.3).

Do I need to decide a research area before I apply?

While it is not essential to commit to a research area before applying, it is important to consider your background when approaching supervisors about potential projects. Please note that you must be accepted by a specific supervisor in order to be in the program; the responsibility to find a supervisor lies with the student.

Do you accept international students?

We are are accepting international students for the 2020/21 academic year.  

Program Details

What’s Translational Medicine? How is it different from other graduate programs?

Please refer to our homepage (definition and a figure illustration) in terms of how we define Translational Medicine in our programs. You can also browse our Faculty and Research page to learn our Faculty’s research areas. The uniqueness of our programs is a curriculum interweaving graduate level research with authentic clinical experiences. 

Are MSc and PhD in Translational Medicine research programs or professional programs?

Our programs are research-based, and students are expected to complete and defend a thesis to fulfill the degree requirement. PhD students are also required to complete a comprehensive exam by the end of their second year in the program. 

There is NO course-based option for the programs. 

Are the programs offered on a full-time or part-time basis?

Our programs are offered only on a full-time basis.

Do you have an online option? 

No.  All courses and training are offered on-campus at Queen’s University at Kingston.

Do you have a mini-master’s route like other graduate programs at the Faculty of Health Sciences? 

Yes.   Students registered in the MSc in Translational Medicine with first-class standing (a minimum A- average, equivalent to 3.7 GPA or 80%), and who show exceptional promise in their research may be considered for promotion to the PhD in Translational Medicine, without completion of the MSc. The process is the same as other graduate programs and guided by the Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Council Manual. 

Do you have combined MSc/PhD and MD options available?

Yes, there are MSc-MD, and PhD-MD routes available. Applicants need to meet the credentials for the graduate programs and the medical school. These routes are extremely competitive. 

What are the tuition fees and funding?

The tuition of our MSc and PhD in Translational Medicine is the same as other research graduate programs at Queen’s, which is set at $5,772.99 (domestic rate) for the 2019-20 academic year. Please visit the Office of the University Registrar for more details on tuition and fees:

Students enrolled in the programs will receive funding packages to assist with living expenses and coverage of tuition: MSc – minimum $21,000 per year for 2 years; PhD – minimum $23,000 per year for 4 years.

Do I have to work with the Faculty listed on the website?

Yes, you are certainly expected to work with our program faculty to obtain a degree from the programs.