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TMED Student Society

2021-22 TMED Student Council

2021-22 Student Council members (from left to right)

Melinda Chelva (President), Alyssa Burrows (EDI/SGPS Rep), Jordan Harry (Secretary), Kassandra Coyle (Vice President), Marty VandenBroek (PhD Student Representative/GPC Representative), Kiera Liblik (Treasurer), James King (MSc Student Representative/GPC Representative)

Who are the 2022-23 TMED Student Society Members? 

Alyssa Burrows, MSc'23 (Candidate), President
James King, MSc'23 (Candidate), Secretary
Bethany Wilken, MSc'23 (Candidate), Vice-President

The remaining positions will be filled in September.

What is the TMED Student Society?

The TMED Student Society is an elected group of student leaders governed by a constitution that serves the interests and requests of the Translational Medicine Graduate students within the Department of Medicine.  The Society also acts as a medium of communication between the students and the TMED faculty members, governing bodies of Queen’s University, and any other recognized council or society. 

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