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Regulatory Fundamentalism: Is persnickety regulatory rigor impeding clinical trials and paradoxically reducing patient safety?

Regulatory Fundamentalism: An overly strict application of the rules governing the conduct of clinical trials that…

An Off-Site, Academic, Medical Clinic in Kingston: Time to consider a dangerous idea?

What is a dangerous idea? It’s a concept or worldview that moves us from the way we traditionally do things to a new paradigm.

Resuscitating the Autopsy: Why our current 7% rate of non-forensic autopsies is unacceptable (and a suggestion for a remedy)

Autopsy: a postmortem examination. From Greek, autoptēs 'eyewitness' (autos 'self' + optos 'seen'). Medicine…

Animals in Biomedical Research: What they have given us and what we owe them

Medical research involving human subjects must conform to generally accepted scientific principles, be based on a…