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Cloud Sourced Anxiety: Achieving Equilibrium in an Age of Digital Deluge

“The television is 'real'. It is immediate, it has dimension. It tells you what to think and blasts it in. It must…

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose: What’s changed (and what’s unchanged) in Medicine since 1966


NBC’s Dr. Kildare show-doctors in the 1960s

Ontario’s Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Problem is Killing Acute Care Hospitals: Time to cut the Gordian knot.

We need a bold solution to a major health care problem: Almost 20% of the acute care beds in Kingston are unavailable…

Patient Privacy: A call for a cultural and architectural revolution in healthcare

The Oxford English Dictionary defines privacy as: A state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people: she returned to the…

Thinking of Syria

This is a blog about Syrian refugees. They are a specific people coming to Canada at a specific time for specific reasons. However, their…

Women who bleed: recognizing a common genetic disorder

Women who bleed: recognizing a common genetic disorder