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Molecular and Cellular Imaging

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QCPU Room 1610A

Laboratory Scientists: Dr. Patricia Lima 


Super‐resolution imaging; Multi‐colour imaging; High speed imaging; Multiphoton imaging; IR spectrum ensures limited scattering and deeper penetration into tissue samples; Intravital and live cell imaging



  • DMi8 CS Bino
  • Motorized Focus with AFC
  • Spill protection for DMi8
  • Optical Outfit EL6000 + motorized ICT
  • Transmitted Light Brightfield Detector
  • Motortisch SP8 invers TR: 127x83
  • Scan optics module VISIR with rotation
  • Tandem scanner 8 kHz
  • Three Internal Detector Channels (PMT), two Internal Detector Channels (HyD)
  • Laser 405 nm DMOD Flexible
  • Laser Kit WLL E 470 670 nm
  • RLD 2ch for DMIi8
  • Reflector Cube 670 RLD 1/2ch DMi8
  • HyVolution2
  • Premium CUDA Workstation, Monitor
  • 115V

What to know about prepping samples

  • Tian, Lian, Francois Potus, Danchen Wu, Asish Dasgupta, Kuang-Hueih Chen, Jeffrey Mewburn, Patricia Lima, and Stephen L. Archer. "Increased Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission promotes proliferation and collagen production by right ventricular fibroblasts in experimental pulmonary arterial hypertension." Frontiers in physiology 9 (2018): 828.
  • Potus F, Pauciulo MW, Cook EK, Zhu N, Hsieh A, Welch CL, Shen Y, Tian L, Lima P, Mewburn J, D'Arsigny CL. Novel Mutations and Decreased Expression of the Epigenetic Regulator TET2 in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Circulation. 2020 Mar 20.

Notable Publications