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Queen's Cardio Pulmonary Unit (QCPU)

QCPU invites researchers both within and outside of Queen’s University to use state-of-the-art research tools. A highly talented team of staff scientists operate the complex equipment in the unit and provide advice and technical assistance that greatly enhance the chances of obtaining optimal results. All quoted prices include their assistance in performing the experiment. Due to the complexity of certain services, such as genomic analysis, we provide customized quotations to establish the global cost of the project (rather than an hourly rate).

The financial model of QCPU is based on a cost-recovery model. Discounted prices of are offered for Queen’s Academic faculty (compared to external users). Members of the QCPU and members of Department of Medicine (DOM) receive a 10% discount, while young investigators in the first 5 years of their initial academic appointment receive a 15% discount (see Table 1 below).

A Super-user will:
  • Enjoy a guaranteed 208 hours (Super-user A) or 104 hours (Super-user B) of using: the SP8 Super-Resolution 2-Photon microscope, the SH-800 Cell Sorter, the Cytof and the Tomography system within a 1-year period;
  • Receive weekly access – guaranteed 4 hours (Super-user A) or 2 hours (Super-user B) per week. Additional hours will be dependent on the availability of the equipment;
  • Receive an update of used hours on a monthly basis.

Super-user eligibility:
  • Faculty appointment within Queen’s University
  • Funded research project
  • An IACUC or IRB approvals, as applicable


Terms of payment:


  • If the super-user exceeds the usage hours in a year, additional usage will be charged based the hourly fee
  • Multi-years agreement are to be considered and shall be discussed with QCPU management

Hourly users:
  • Payments will be made within the month of service


SuperUser Fee Tables 1 and 3

SuperUser Fee Table 3