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Fees and SuperUser Rates



QCPU invites researchers both within and outside of Queen’s University to use state-of-the-art research tools. The financial model of QCPU is based on a cost recovery model and divided between Hourly Users and packaged SuperUsers. Discounted prices of are offered for Queen’s Academic faculty (compared to external users). Members of the QCPU and members of Department of Medicine (DOM) receive a 10% discount, while young investigators in the first 5 years of their initial academic appointment receive a 15% discount.

A unique feature of QCPU is that a highly talented team of staff scientists operate the complex equipment in the unit and provide advice and technical assistance that greatly enhance the chances of obtaining optimal results. All quoted prices include their assistance in performing the experiment. Due to the complexity of certain services, such as genomic analysis, we provide customized quotations to establish the global cost of the project (rather than an hourly rate).

Outside of the standard concept of Hourly Users, QCPU offers a ‘SuperUser’ package that discounts services for researchers who purchase services in a bundle as part of an annual agreement. A SuperUser is defined as a researcher who financially commits to the use of research equipment at the QCPU and, in return, receives an additional 10% discounted rate off of the Queen’s Academic, QCPU member or DOM member rate (versus purchasing the same services at the hourly usage). Young investigators committing to a SuperUser agreement receive an 15% discount.  Please contact for updated SuperUser Guidelines and Agreements

SuperUser A - 208 Hours

CND 23,712 /

Queen's Academic Rate

CND 21,341 /

Queen's Department of Medicine Rate (-10%)

CND 20,155 /

Queen's Young Investigator Rate (-15%)

SuperUser B - 104 Hours

SuperUser B

CND 11,856 /

Queen's Acadenic Rate

SuperUser B

CND 10,670 /

Queen's Department of Medicine rate (-10%)

SuperUser B

CND 10,077 /

Queen's Young Investigator Award (-15%)

A SuperUser can spend their hours on the following technologies:

Not a SuperUser? See our Hourly Rates

Hourly rates for use of our Leica 2-photon SP8 confocal microscope:

  Queen's Academic Rate DOM Rate Young Investigator External User Minimum Usage
Fixed Samples $120 $108 $102 $150 1 hour
Live Imaging $150 $135 $128 $188 1 hour
Intra-Vital Imaging $175 $158 $149 $218 1 hour
Analysis $40 $36 $36 $64 -

Hourly rates for use of our Sony SH800:

  Queen's Academic Rate DOM Rate Young Investigator External User Minimum Usage
Flow Sorting $160 $144 $136 $200 1 hour
Flow Cytometry $120 $108 $102 $150 1 hour
Analysis $40 $36 $36 $64 -


Hourly rates for use of our Fluidigm CyTOF - Helios and Hyperion:

*This equipment is being decommissioned - we will not be accepting new projects*

Use of our cell culturing services whether standard culture, hypoxia chambers, Lonza nucleofector, XCelligences proliferation system is priced by project.  Please contact us for a discussion and quote.

Hourly rates for use of our Physiology and Experimental Therapeutics laboratory services are typically best priced by project.  Please contact us for a discussion and quote.  Please fill out a Registration Form before running experiments. The following a general hourly rates for use of our MILabs Vector4CT:

  Queen's Academic Rate DOM Rate Young Investigator External User Minimum Usage
Consult $200 $180 $170 $240 -
Pilot $300 $270 $255 $360 -
CT Scan

$175 (M)

$220 (R)

$120 (S)

$160 (M)

$200 (R)

$110 (S)

$150 (M)

$190 (R)

$100 (S)

$200 (M)

$250 (R)

$150 (S)


$180 (M)

$230 (R)

$150 (S)

$160 (M)

$205 (R)

$135 (S)

$155 (M)

$200 (R)

$125 (S)

$200 (M)

$255 (R)

$175 (S)


$200 (M)

$250 (R)

$150 (S)

$180 (M)

$225 (R)

$135 (S)

$170 (M)

$215 (R)

$120 (S)

$240 (M)

$270 (R)

$180 (S)

Short Scan $225 $200 $190 $260 per hour
Data Analysis Training $200 $180 $170 $220 2 hours
Data Analysis by Staff $75 $70 $65 $90 per hour
Supervised Data Analysis $50 $45 $40 $70 per hour

M = Mouse / R = Rat / S = Sample of organ or tissue

All investigators involved in performing PET/SPECT/CT animal studies must familiarize themselves with the SOP entitled “Imaging Live Rodents by µPET/SPECT/CT Scanner at the QCPU”. Please complete the Study Registration Form (attached to this document) and e-mail to imaging specialist, Elahe Alizadeh; 613-533-6000 x75764) to schedule a consultation for animal PET/CT studies, and study design.

The prices for CT and PET/SPECT/CT scanning services in the QCPU are based on the type and number of animals scanned by the scanner. For a detailed breakdown of all pricing, please see the Table 3. If you have any questions about costs or need guidance in estimating your needs for a study please contact Elahe Alizadeh or QCPU manager, Brooke Ring-Snetsinger 


There are no additional charges for pre-study activities required to get a study launched, including consultation, literature review, pre-trial/pilot experiments or scanning of phantoms.

Lab supplies and consumable including gloves, saline, absorbent pad, plastic bag, isoflurane, tape, syringe, catheter, tubing, and some accessories for scanner (ECG leads, temperature and respiration probes, …), as well as services such as radio-tracer injection and catheterization are provided free of charge.

Most scans are performed using isoflurane. If for any reason PIs want to use injectable anesthetic using controlled substances (such as ketamine/xylazine) for any scans, they should have their own exemption for controlled substances, and bring the drugs to the imaging lab to use.

For scans with contrast agents or tracers, people either bring their own contrast agents or purchase them from imaging specialist. Radiotracers will be ordered by imaging specialist (through QCPU’s facility manager, Brooke Ring-Snetsinger, and Radiation Safety Officer, Jamie Coad).

For scans taking longer than one hour, there will be an extra charge for each 15 min.  For scans taking less than 15 minutes, there will be an option of hourly charge (for scanning, reconstruction and data analysis). 

Hourly rates for use of our Genomics, Transcriptomics or BioInformatics laboratory services involving Next-Generation Sequencing and use of our Liquid handling robot are priced by project.  Please contact us for a discussion and quote. 

Below are rates for use of our QC equipment.  They are not hourly rate, but priced per run:

  Queen's Academic Rate DOM Rate Young Investigator External User No Minimum
Quantification (Spec) $10 $9 $8 $15 Per 16 samples
Quantification (Qubit 4) $15 $13 $12 $20 Per 50 samples
PerkinElmer LabChip $30 $27 $25 $35 Per 24 samples
qPCR/RTPCR $25 $22 $21 $30 Per run
Analysis $40 $36 $36 $64 -

Hourly rate for all histology services is $120.  Email to get a quote on how many hours your project will take.