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Dr. Elahe Alizadeh MSc. Eng., PhD
Dr. Elahe Alizadeh
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
Imaging & Radiation Physics Specialist
Research Scientist at QCPU
Contact Info
613 533 6000 x75764

Dr. Alizadeh graduated with a BSc. in Applied Physics and an MSc. in Medical-Radiation Physics Program, both from Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. She then obtained her PhD in Nano-Bio-Physics from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. In 2010, she joined Prof. Sanche’s lab at the Department of Radiobiology (at Université de Sherbrooke, QC, Canada) as a postdoctoral research fellow; where she designed and constructed a new X-ray apparatus to investigate the radiation damage on DNA complexed with radio-sensitizing chemo-therapeutic agents for chemoradiation therapy. Her achievement was recognized with the Radiation Research Society Jack Fowler Award in 2013 as an outstanding research in medical physics / radiobiology.

In January 2016 she joined the Department of Medical Imaging (University of Saskatchewan) to establish a pre-clinical research program for developing novel radiopharmaceuticals combining both therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities. She was managing the imaging facility with a µPET/SPECT/CT scanner and a radio-chemistry lab. She was also a member of the Occupational Health Committee at the Saskatchewan Cyclotron Centre (Centre (Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation) and obtained the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO-1) certificate from the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada in May 2018.

Since July 2018, Elahe is conducting the nuclear imaging facility located at the QCPU. She is responsible for the coordination and performance of pre-clinical imaging projects using tri-modality µPET/SPECT/CT scanner (VECTor4CT from MILabs; Utrecht, Netherlands). She also oversees the quality assurance and troubleshooting of radiation equipment.  She is also a member of the Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA) and serves as a member of the Queen’s Radiation Safety Committee in the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.